SyncNavigation Standard Edition 2.0

    SyncNavigation Professional Edition 2.0



    SyncSelection Standard Edition 1.5



    GEDigitizer Version 2.2

    - Digitize Features on Google Earth and import into ArcMap synchronally;
    - Export existing layers from ArcMap into Google Earth dynamically;
    - Import elevation points from Google Earth into AcrMap in real time;
    - Build contours in Google Earth and ArcMap automatically.



    Version 1.5

    - More robust
    - Define contour levels using interval
    - Color gradience
    - Middle accuracy mode (if you interest in it let's know by email).

    System requirements:
        Google Earth 4.x,
        Windows XP, or Vista
        ContouringGE is a no-installation software. However two COM OCXs are to be registered:
        XP: Start --> Run --> RegSrv32 comdlg32.ocx (MSCOMCTL.OCX).
        Vista: Start --> Accessories --> Run as Administrator --> RegSrv32 comdlg32.ocx (MSCOMCTL.OCX).


    Version 1.6

    Version 1.6i
        - Support Google Earth perspective view (bird's-eye)
        - Correct a few bugs in Version 1.5

        - Support all SRSs suported by ArcGIS Desktop
        - Correct a few bugs in pre-versions

        - 2 in 1: the Google Earth Render Window will be embedded in ArcGIS

    System requirements:
        Google Earth 4.x,
        ArcGIS 9.x
        Windows XP, .Net Framework 1 or 2
        ArcMap-->Tools-->Customize-->Commands-->from file ...SynchronizingAG.dll-->drag to Toolbar-->close.



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