SyncNavigation 2.0

Fig.1: Pan or Zoom in ArcMap

Fig.2: Pan or Zoom in Google Earth


SyncSelection 1.5


- Select a feature (point, polyline or polygon) in ArcMap (shape file), the feature with attributes will be highlighted in ArcMap and in Google Earth synchronally;

- Select a object in aerial image of Google Earth, the object  with attributes will be highlighted in Google Earth and in ArcMap synchronally;

- Mouse cursors are displayed synchronally in ArcMap and Google Earth (for location tracking );

- It's compatible with SynchronizingAG, i.e. SyncSelectionAG 1.5 contains the functionalities of SynchronizingAG 1.6.

Fig.1: Select a polygon in ArcMap


Fig.2: Select a polygon in Google Earth

Fig.3: Context Menu for Selection Options


GEDigitizer 2.1






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